Thursday, September 5, 2013

Monthly Favourites - August 2013

Whoa! I’ve just realized I’ve not done a monthly favourite since April. What the what! I nearly never did one this month either, what with us already into September, but I was quite excited about this months favourites and I just couldn’t pass them by. 

So here are my monthly favourites of August 2013, fashionably late!

I absolutely love this face wash, I’ve had it in my stash for a while now but only got round to giving it a good try this month. I made sure I used it daily by putting it in my shower so as to see it and remember to use it. I’m not the world biggest fan of rose scented products. In fact I try to avoid it if I can but somehow the scent of this cleanser doesn’t offend me. 

This has been the only bronzer/highlighter I’ve reached for this month. Enough said! It’s perfect in every way and I love the fact that its from the highstreet/drugstore. In my previous post I reviewed this product, so you can head there if you want a more in depth review. 

Can you tell I’ve been Organic Surge crazy this month. It’s gotten to the point now that I’m rationing this cream as I’m running low on it and I can’t re-purchase it while I’m in France. I’ve fallen totally in love with it as it’s by far the only night cream that gives me the hydration I seek. I wake up in the morning after using this cream with noticeable healthy looking plump skin. I full review on this will be coming soon as this cream is holy grail material. 

The perfect subtle pink. On days I didn’t use the Barry M contour kit and wanted a low maintenance ‘no makeup, makeup look’ this was the blush I went for. 

I am completely addicted to the scent of this product. However scent aside this leaves the hair silky smooth like no other hair oil I’ve tried. The Kerastase hair oil has nothing on this. This is my second bottle of the stuff, I just finished my first bottle of it last month (look out for that in my empties post).

This was a recent purchase after reading rave reviews of it over on Caroline Hirons blog. I used it throughout the month as my only toner. Did I notice any results? Hmm... I’ll have to get back to you on that. Did I enjoy using it? Heck yes! I liked the idea that it was killing all the bad (spots causing) bacteria on the face and leaving a clean canvas ready for moisturizer, plus its dirt cheep over here in Paris, just a couple of Euros. 

So, August! Scorcher of a month or what? The weather was off the charts hot and poor old me who is definitely an autumn/winter person just couldn't handle it. *Roll out the pity party. My skin especially, which is normally dry and dehydrated became a sweaty oil slick. Not a pretty sight! So, to avoid all that drama I carried this powder everywhere with me and touched up throughout the day accordingly. 

This was the first time I gave this product a good testing. It’s one of those apply without a mirror kinda lip products. Again it was used on days I was after the whole ‘no makeup, makeup looks’ and it made for a change from the usual Revlon lip butters I gravitate towards. 

So that has been my August favourites, I hope you liked it, and the descriptions weren't to dicy. If you have any questions or if you had any favourites from last month do leave them as a comment response I’d really love to see them.

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