Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sleek Contour Kit - Light

I bought this contour kit back in April of this year but because I didn’t get round to photographing it, I didn’t end up using it. Now that is either dedication at its best or procrastination at its best, (let me know in the comments). 

Anyway I’ve now given myself the green light to play around and wear it as I finally took some photographs of it this morning. 

  • High quality and very sturdy. It takes a bit of effort to open it, which I like. 
  • Compact with a hinged lid, not one of those flimsy screw on and screw off type of lids. 
  • It’s sleek (see what I did there) and ascetically pleasing. 
  • This maybe trivial and non-important, but I like how the actual word ‘Sleek’ on the packaging is much smaller in the new packaging and does’t take up the entire lid like it used too, See here
  • Full size mirror on the inside, perfect for traveling

Product Amount & Price: 
  • A whopping 14g, that’s 0.48oz for y’all US folks for £6.49 

Actual Product:
  • Divine completely matt bronzer, that does not leave the skin looking muddy. 
  • Both bronzer and highlighter are highly pigmented, as is to be expected with Sleek.
  • Salmony peach toned highlighter that imparts a sheeny glow to the tops of the cheekbones.
  • The highlighter complements cool toned skin well and looks like it would do wonders on warm toned skin too.
  • Both products are creamy and easy to blend, not at all powdery. 

Overall I give this product a solid thumbs up and would recommend it to anyone in the market for a matt bronzer and a subtle highlighter. The only down side I can think of, (and even then its not even a big deal) is the scent. when you smell it in the pan it smells like acrylic paint. It brings back memories of art class. However that scent in no way transfers onto the face and you most definitely can’t smell it once it’s on. 

Sleek is Available nationwide in Superdrug and at

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