Friday, October 11, 2013

Budget Eyeshadow Palette - ClubWORKS

ClubWORKS is a budget makeup brand that is exclusive to Superdrug. Their prices are around the £4.00 mark with most of the individual items priced at £1.00 - £2.00. This particular eyeshadow palette retails for a mere £2.00 but is often reduced to £1.69. 

In the past I would have walked right past this eyeshadow palette and not given it a second look. When you take a look at the packaging you can understand why. The clear plastic packaging makes it look extremely cheap and gives it that distinct ‘preteen’ look that can sometimes be off-putting. However a tip I have for any eyeshadow I like but that comes in some sketchy packaging is to just depot them into my unii palette. 

That said, I won this palette in a recent giveaway and I got the chance to test out the eyeshadows thoroughly. The palette has 4 varying shades of blue with one white ‘highlighting’ shade as well as a double ended sponge tip applicator. All shades are highly pigmented and not at all chalky. My particular favourite is the center royal blue shade. It’s perfect for a statement eye. As for wear time, thats difficult to say because factors like oily eyelids, the season, as well as if an eyelid primer is used, all factor in. However  it’s safe to say that you can get approximately 8hrs solid wear time with these shadows. 

This palette has really impressed me, the quality of these eyeshadows are pretty good, akin to that of MUA (which is also sold in Superdrug). Sure they’re not of NARS or Urban Decay standard but for the highstreet/drugstore they are well worth checking out. 

I would definitely recommend this palette to anyone that is thinking of dipping their toes into more ‘fun’ shades and is perhaps saving the big bucks for some of the higher end everyday neutral shades. 

You can find ClubWORKS here


  1. I love this palette, I need to get me me of these :)


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