Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Where I've been/What I've been up-to

First off I'd like to welcome all my new subscribers, I've been living on cloud-nine recently with each an every new subscriber. You guys have really made my day and renewed my passion to blog. 

Second, you may have noticed I've been quite absent throughout April. I didn't blog a single day, tut! The reason for this was; I took the month off in the beginning of April and went on a 20 day, yes you heard me correctly! A 20 day holiday to London. This was to both visit family and do a spot of retail therapy. What's that I hear you say? A month has 30 days, what happened to the remainder 10 days? Well, I shall tell you!

So, have you ever experienced a vacation so great and awesome in scale that when you return you need another mini vacation just to ease you back into everyday life? Well, that was what I needed! A few extra days to calm down, gather my thoughts and go back to my regular routine. 

However, now I'm back and with full force. The good news is, this means loads of hauls will be coming up on this blog. Spaced out obviously with the normal stuff I post about like; product review, make-up looks of the day and  trending Tags. 

The final announcement I have about Beauty By Wire is; I will now blog every other day for the foreseeable future, rather than everyday as I was before. This is because although I managed to post everyday throughout the month of March, many things were put on the back-burner for me to make the daily deadline. Sometimes I had to stay awake/wake-up extra early to make it in time to post. So I hope you’ll understand this small change I will be making, and hopefully the added time I will now have to create each post will mean that the post will only be enhanced in quality. 

With that, I leave you with a few photos of what I was up to in London last month. Enjoy!

My Husband and I finally got the chance to go on the famous cable cars, This was probably day 2 of us in London. For someone who is not afraid of heights, like at all! I must admit I got a slight twinge in my stomach when on this ride. 

Scampi and Haddock my Husband and I had while shopping in Westfields. Mmmm, I'm hungry all of a sudden. *cheeky grin*

Mummy's homemade baking. Need I say more, look at this awesomeness. 

 Some food truck goodness I was eyeing up. £5.00 a plate, can you believe that!

 A fan girl moment I had when I saw this Bag-End display for the Hobbit DVD at the Oxford Street branch of HMV.

Another geeky moment; this time with the overwhelming amount of make-up in Inglot. 

My shameless gorilla advertisement of my blog in the Apple store at Covent garden *cheeky grin again*

Some beautifully crafted handmade silver jewellery in Covent Garden market. 

Shopping in Selfridges and Liberty (excuse the really annoying lorry outside Liberty ruining my picture) *emo face*

I shall leave you with... Thee worlds largest bronzing brush in Primark, who in the world has a face large enough for this. Cray cray!


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