Saturday, May 4, 2013

& Other Stories Store - Review

When I was in London a few weeks ago I made a quick stop at the newly opened and much hyped & Other Stories store on Regents Street. It was the middle of the day, I only had a few minutes to spare and I was already rushed off my feet shopping so I didn’t manage to properly browse the store or make a purchase. However I did do a quick observatory scan of the store and snapped a few photos here and there. is what I thought of it. 

My General Observation

The layout of the store was like nothing I’d experienced from another store on the high-street. The items were laid out in a very ‘suggestive’ way as though to say hey! This shirt would go really well with this neckless and this bag sort of thing (wow that was really bad explaining) basically everything looked like it was in a show room. The store had two floors, the ground floor and a first floor. It also has two entrances one on Regents Street the other on Argyle Street.


The clothes as well as the accessories were very trend centric, very modern and of the moment. If there were any ‘basic’ or ‘casual’ clothing then I didn’t see any. You can probably tell from the lack of pictures of any of the clothing that I wasn’t particularly interested in them, I went into the store knowing that and unfortunately I didn’t find anything that actually caught my attention or changed my opinion (it must be my age, my style is maturing).

The Beauty Section

The vibe I got at the beauty section was as though I stepped into a chic apothecary. The first thing that caught my attention were the large sinks with brass faucets for customers to use, it was all very inviting and elegant. There was definitely something there for everyone from skincare to make-up. The beauty products were laid out on scattered wheel-y trays (that did look slightly clinical I must admit) with plenty of testers for trying out products. You could tell that a-lot of thought went into the arrangement and aesthetics of it all.

The beauty section was extremely well stocked not only with the stores own brand make-up and skincare but they also housed product from beauty brand that are harder to get ahold of in the UK including The Balm, Eyeko, and This Works. 

Overall I really liked the store and could see why there was such a buzz surrounding its launch. I will definitely be going back to purchase a few items I have my eye on. Let me know in the comments below if you’d like to see an & Other Stories haul sometime soon.

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