Thursday, May 23, 2013

Permanent 5 - The Essentials

We all have them, the holy grail beauty products. Those precious gems that can really lift your complexion and transform you from Plain Jane to a Belle Fille. We rely on them wholeheartedly and always keep them close by for emergency touch ups or when we're in a rush to get ready and don't have time to think about what goes with what.  

These are my edited top 5 make-up items they never leave my make-up bag, that always go with me and never leave my side. 

Perfect as a highlight, perfect as a concealer need I say more. I take this down the bridge of my nose. I use it to highlight the tops of my cheek bones. I use it to cancel out the veins on my eyelids and if there's a pesky spot that's rearing its ugly head I cover it up with this. 

Merciful Lord they've answered our prayers and brought cream eyeshadows to the high-street/drugstore. This fuss free eyeshadow is so simple to apply it doesn't even require a brush. Just two fingers, one to apply, the other to blend and you're done. 

This is my favourite mascara in the hold entire history of mascara. I'm not at dramatic *cheeky grin. It lengthens, it volumes and if you make sure to take it down to the roots of your lashes it makes it look like you've got eyeliner on too.  Even with my tight fisted nature when it comes to higher priced make-up, I don't mind it's price point IT'S WORTH IT.   

A sweep of this coral blush shade across the cheeks and you're sun kissed for the day, it's so beautifully pigmented. 

This is the only category that is often subject to change depending on the lip product choice for the day. This spot was previously filled with Revlon's lip butter in Wild Watermelon, but I've recently been loving the Power Pout in Rendezvous so much that it's made it's way into my permanent collection. To see a full review check it out here. On a side note this lip balm/tint is the perfect transition shade, so no matter what lip product you choose to wear for the day, as it gradually wears off you can apply this Power Pout and it won't clash with the rest if the make-up you might have going on. It's effortlessly chic. 

That's been my permanent 5 make-up items. Let me know in the comments below if you too have a similar list and what you keep in it, I'd love to know. 


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