Wednesday, May 22, 2013

MUA Power Pout - Review

I’ll preface by saying; MUA as a brand is one of my favourite high-street/drugstore brand EVER! They have amazing products that are highly pigmented and all around fantastic in formulation. Seriously little has disappointed me from them. 

I’ve been wanting to do a review on these MUA Power Pout lip balm tint for a good few months now but I just never got round to doing it. When the initial swatches began appearing online I literally couldn’t contain my excitement, I rushed to my nearest Superdrug and snapped up two shades; Rendezvous and Broken Hearted. 

Now you may or may not know, but I am a huge fan of the whole chubby stick lip products trend. When Revlon released their version last year I went a bit crazy and snapped them up in every shade (including the ones that only appeared State side) I’ve yet to do a review on them but I promise I will soon and I’ll make sure to link it up. 

Rendezvous is a perfect nude (if there ever is one). It leans towards a warm beige/pink on the ‘nude’ colour spectrum and looks like it could compliment any look. Broken Hearted on the other hand is a sharp baby pink that is very fitting for the spring/summer. Of the two shades I prefer Rendezvous which is surprising since I usually gravitate towards pink/berry tones.

The MUA Power Pouts, come in identical packaging to all chubby sticks on the market (from high-end like Clinique to high-street like Revlon). A plastic tube with a twist up end to push up the product. This is fantastic because it save on having to constantly sharpen or waste the product. 

The Power Pouts are available in 6 amazingly pigmented shades from a ‘your lips but better’ nude (Rendezvous) as described above, to a deep raspberry (Crazy in Love). They also have a decent amount of longevity to them too. I managed to get 2-3 hours wear time without having to re-apply, but the thing that really blew me away because I genuinely wasn’t expecting it was the stain it leaves on the lips after the balm has worn off. They weren't kidding when the called it a tint! It’s very faint and subtle but definitely present. 

The Power Pouts also have a mint tic-tac-y scent to them, its quite faint, not at all offensive, but still worth mentioning just incase someone really doesn't like the scent. In terms of formulation they are every bit as hydrating and creamy as they claim. The balm is excellent at nourishing and providing immediate moisture to the lips, because of that the actual pigment itself doesn’t catch at any dry or chapped skin you may have on you lips. 

Overall I really love these products and give them a solid thumbs up. The formulation is fantastic, the balm is nourishing and for the £3 price point I definitely recommend it. 

The MUA Power Pout are available in Superdrug nationwide and the MUA store online. 

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