Saturday, May 25, 2013

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate - Review

I've been lusting over Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate for a while now, so last month while I was in London, I stopped by at one of their counters and was given a handful of the 2ml samples to try out. SCORE!!

Before this I'd never used an actual oil in my skincare routine. I've always been a serum followed by a heavy night cream kinda gal, but because this product was so incredibly hyped online and was being hailed as a skin saviour for dry skin. I just had to try it. For reference purpose (as I mention in all my skincare blogposts) my skin is extremely dry and dehydrated. So my skin absolutely loved it really drank it up.

It's recommended that you use 2-3 drops and press it onto the entire face, but who are Kiehl's kidding 2-3 drops is just not enough to spread around the face! Unless your face is the same size as Thumbalina's! On average I use 4-5 drops sometimes 6 and massage it in. I also take it down my neck because... Fun fact, the neck is the first place that shows signs of ageing. 

I use the MRC as the last step of my nightly skincare regime. I cleanse and tone and follow directly with it. I don't apply a serum or night-cream when I'm using it, just because I don't want anything to interfere while it goes to work on my face. The results of the MRC are instantaneous (its one of the few skincare items that work that way). Every time I use it, I wake up the following morning and inspected my face in the mirror and low and behold my face has a visible bright luminous glow to it.  

The Kiehl's MRC comes in a Recyclable blue glass bottle with a dropper and a plastic squeeze top. The blue of the bottle is meant to keep out sunlight and protect the contents so it can last longer. The elixir itself is made up of 99.8% natural derived ingredients with Evening Primrose at the top of the list. A skin barrier repairer and radiance booster. It also contains Lavender Essential oil among a whole other host of skin saviour ingredients. The Lavender helps sooth irritated skin, reduce blotchiness, and aid with sleep. 

Many people compare the Kiehl's MRC to the Estée Lauder’s ADR, but I disagree. Apart from the fact that they're both meant for nighttime use, this is more of quick sinking oil that nourishes and leaves a protective residue on the surface, and the ANR is more of a traditional serum formula that sinks in and disappears immediately. 

Overall I absolutely love this product, and think its totally worth the hype it’s gained. I will without a doubt buy it in the full-size after I make my way through the samples I’ve got. I would recommend however for anyone interested in buying it to first check out a Kiehl’s counter and get they’re hands on a sample of they own too and see if they like it. Kiehl’s are actually quite good at handing out samples, plus the little 2ml sample will last you a good week, so you'd be able to get a good sense of the product!


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  2. Nice review! I like that it comes in recyclable pretty blue bottle. Sounds like it works fabulously.
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