Sunday, May 5, 2013

Monthly Favourites - April 2013

April has gone by crazy fast this year. Spring has finally sprung and it seems everywhere I turn theres tulips. I know I didn't blog last month but I have definitely been shopping which means most of this months beauty favourites are new. So without further ado, we shall begin. 

Right, I'm going to work my way from left to right from the picture above in-order to keep some level of structure. 

First up my perfume choice for the past month. Lacoste eau de Lacoste. This is just a pr sample size that was sent to me and it’s fruity scent is not something I would naturally gravitate toward when shopping for perfume personally. However because of its travel friendly size it found a permanent home in my handbag and I kept applying it throughout the month. 

Next up is the Organic Surge super intensive daily moisturiser. If you've followed my blog for a while now, you'd probably know that I've made a conscience decision in the past year or so to move my skincare to more organic/natural based products. This face cream is absolutely perfect for my dry skin. It contains organic rose geranium essential oils, does a great job of keeping my face hydrated for the majority of the day and also acts as a good base for foundation. 

The L'oreal Colour Riche Caresse Wet Shine Stain has been the only thing on my lips this month and quite frankly it's given me hope that I can wear lipgloss and actually like it. The shade I have here is 102 Romy. It's a baby/dusky pink and oh my Lord it last FOREVER on the lips. 

Topicrem sos lèvres. This next product is slightly controversial not least because I bought it slightly toward the end of the month so I didn't exactly use it for the entire duration of the month, but also after buying it and reading the ingredient list the first thing on there is Mineral oil which as we all know doesn't serve any purpose except to coat things. Nevertheless there's something about it's tic tac-y scent that's addictive and I can't get enough of. So I shall continue to use it until it is no more then I'll probably won’t repurchase it again. 

Collection 2000 Skylash mascara. Really great drugstore mascara I'd recommend to anyone. When I could be bothered to wear mascara (I hate taking it off at the end of the day) that was my choice. It lengthens and gives fabulous definition at the same time. 

The YSL Touché Eclate in No:2 was a new purchase of the month and believe me when I say I can't get enough of it. It's all I've been wearing on my face on lazy days. It serves as a concealer, highlighter, eye brightener and occasionally and cheekily as foundation. Previously I had the original no:1 when that was the only shade they sold and I loved it but this no:2 one is more suited to my cool complexion. 

The little tub you see at the top right hand corner is a sample pot of Origins Vitazing. In the beginning when I first got this I didn’t like it and could not understand the crazy hype around it, but I recently gave it another chance and now I'm fully converted. It provides the face with a beautiful sun kissed glow and gives just the slightest of coverage. The only thing standing in my way of getting the full size is the hefty £27 price tag. Eeek!!

The final thing for my April favourites is my cleanser of choice the Origins Make A Difference rejuvenating cleansing milk. It smells devine (not at all like milk ha ha). 30ml was the perfect size when I went on my 20 day holiday at the start of the month. It also lasted me pretty well considering I used it every night. 

So that's it for my April 2013 favourites. If you have something you really enjoyed using last month feel free to leave it in the comments below I'd really like to know. 

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