Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Top 5 Face Brushes

I’ve been doing quite a few product review blogpost lately so I thought I’d switch it up a bit today and instead do a ‘short & sweet’ post on my top 5 face brush that I’m currently using. I must admit however I did have another reason for doing this blogpost, recently my brushes have been in dire need of a good and thorough cleaning so by doing this post I finally overcame my procrastination and took these babies on a trip to the bath and introduced them to mr shampoo. *grin*

Now my order of listing for these brushes is by no means the order of which I like them although I must say I really, really love the first brush I’m about to mention, and I don’t see myself exchanging it for anything different in the near future. I know powerful statement!

So first up I have my Sigma F82 Round Top Kabuki, This brush has synthetic bristles and as the name suggests; is rounded at the top, because of it’s dense rounded head it buffs foundation seamlessly into the nooks and crannies of the face and gives a flawless finish. I love this brush especially for liquid foundation, I use it with both my Giorgio Amani Maestro Fusion foundation and YSL Teint Touche Eclat foundation, however it can be used to equal effect with powder and mineral foundation too. 

Cult favourite Real Techniques buffing brush. This brush need no introduction I’m sure, it’s from the brush brand owned by Sam Chapman one of the Pixiwoo sisters on YouTube. This brush is described as a brilliant brush for buffing in foundation, however I reserve it for cream products whether blush or highlight. For the best results, I stipple the brush lightly into the product get the excess off on the back of my hand and then blend it on the tops of my cheeks. The only downfall is you can’t buy it separately you must by the complete Core Collection kit which retails for £20.99 to get it. 

Another one by Real Techniques is the deluxe crease brush. Like all their brushes this too has a massive following in the beauty/blogging community and rightly so. The brush is the right size for spot concealing and detailed contouring and because of it’s synthetic bristles it doesn't soak up any of the product. I use it mostly to conceal under my eyes and other concealing if it is needed. 

My only MAC brush in this collection is the 182 buffer brush. This is the softest Kabuki I've ever come across. I use it for a multitude of things, mostly for mineral and powder blush when I’m applying my make-up on the go, but it works just as great with pressed powders for setting make-up as a final step. The bristles to the best of my knowledge are made of goat hair. I’ve had this brush in my collection for coming on to 4 years now and I’ve never experienced any fallout or shedding with it whatsoever. 

The Bobbi Brown angled blush brush was gifted to me a year ago, I searched high and low on their website for a link but couldn't find one so I’m guessing it was a limited edition brush. Regardless I’ve provided a link to a brush by Bobbi Brown that looks similar in shape and it looks like it would give similar results too. The great thing about this brush is the length of its bristles, because they’re so long it means the result will be just light dusting of colour on the cheeks. It’s perfect for someone (namely me) who is generally heavy handed with product.

So that has been my current top 5 face brushes. I hope you liked this post. Let me know in the comments if you have any favourite face brushes. I’m currently lusting over the Suqqu cheek brush, but the ridiculous price point is standing in my way. I blame Lisa Eldridge she’s always using it in her videos!


  1. Great post - my favourite brushes in general are the real techniques brushes - I love the expert face brush for foundation :)

    And I blame lisa eldridge for most for the products on my wish list!

    1. Thanks for the comment - I've yet to try the expert face brush, but I'm really really tempted :)


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