Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Origins Super Spot Remover - Review

I bought this product a while back on a whim, way before the hype around it went viral across the blogosphere. It was also, as fate would have it, my first experience with Origins. 

Now I don’t suffer from breakouts that often thank God, but I do get spots here and there occasionally. Usually I’m okay with them because lets face it, everybody gets spots and its nothing to cry about. However my problem is, when I do get a spot I tend to go to town on it, there is no use telling me not to touch it, because I still am, I just can’t help myself. This was the main reason why I bought The Origins Super Spot Remover. 

This was by far the most effective spot treatment I’d ever tried, and certainly one of the best on the market. The reason for this is because it contains Salicylic Acid as it’s main ingredient. This acid helps fight spots when they appear as well as fade acne scaring and redness and oh my! They weren't kidding! As soon as I detect the beginnings of a spot, or if I get those really angry, painful clogged pores under the skin surface, I pop a bit of this miracle worker on it and in a matter of hours the sucker is less painful, the redness is reduced and a few days later the spot is gone. The Origins Super Spot Remover also contains witch hazel and clove oil in its ingredient list which also help to eradicate breakouts. Another important thing in its ingredient is is cucumber and caffeine (who knew!) to cool down the breakout area.

The product itself is a clear gel and comes in a minuscule blue bottle of 10 ml. Now you may be thinking, hmm! Thats a tiny ass bottle. I’m going to have to repurchase it often, which means it’s going to end up pricey, but noooo! Actually, because this spot remover is a targeted spot treatment that means it’s designed to be applied only to the spot itself. so, in-fact the bottle will last you way over 2 years. Longer than the packaging advices, making it extremely cost effective. 

In terms of how frequently you should apply it. Its completely up to you! Seriously, I mean the packaging advises 1-3 times a day, but if I find myself with a spot I keep applying it throughout the day until the spot diminishes. 

So, all in all, I love this product, I can’t rave about it enough and I completely agree and understand why theres so much hype around it. This is a cult product that I will continue to buy FOREVER!!! 

The Origins Super Spot Remover retails for £13.00 and is available nationwide. 


  1. Great review. Definitely excited to try it out that.

  2. Great review. Definitely excited to try it out that.

  3. Great review. Definitely excited to try it out that.


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