Friday, May 17, 2013

My Top 5 Eye Brushes

Following on from my previous post, today I shall be talking about my top 5 or 6 (depending on how you count it) eye brushes. Now it is widely acknowledged that when building a make-up collection its wise to invest in top quality make-up brushes and perhaps skimp on the make-up, because the brushes will last longer and would apply the non-premium make-up better. However, I’m here to tell you that buying top quality make-up brushes doesn’t have to mean it will cost you a fortune. Some of the brushes I’m about to mention are as cheep as £1.99! So, lets get started...

Again these are not in any preferential order or the order in which I use them, I shall just begin from the top brush in the image and work my way down.

Sigma Pencil E30. This is a natural bristle tapered blending brush. It’s perfect for precision work like applying colour to the crease or lower lash line. I also use it when I’m doing a smokey eye and I need a small enough brush to blend out the outer corner. I’ve used and washed this brush many times and I’ve not had any trouble with shedding, its still in really good condition. 

QVS eyeshadow brush. This is one of those essential, bog standard, flat eyeshadow brushes that is perfect for packing on colour. This brush was also ridiculously cheep, I think I got it from ASDA. It was one of the first brushes I got (way back when) and its still a favourite to this day! It has synthetic bristles, doesn’t shed when washed and it’s tapered sharp edge means you could do a defined eye with ease. 

Real Techniques accent brush. This comes in a set called the ‘starter set’ with 4 other brushes. I use this brush for a multitude of things including as a lip-brush at a pinch. It’s surprisingly versatile, but mostly and what I find it’s perfect for is as a little smudgy brush to smudge eyeshadow/pencil around the perimeters of my eyes, whether its top lash line or bottom lash line. 

H&M fluffy eyeshadow brush. This is another cheep and cheerful eyeshadow brush, however its cheapness does not translate to the actual brush, this is by far the softest blending brush I’ve found on the high-street and in my opinion it rivals even top brands like Sigma and MAC. I use it to apply an all over lid colour really quickly also to blend out any sharp edges on the crease and give a lovely feathered out look. Another brush that does the same thing is the Coastal Scents pro blending fluffy brush (thats why I lumbered them together as one). This brush is made from goat hair and is not as soft as the H&M one but it does get the job done. It’s important to have two fluffy brushes in your collection so that the brush you use to apply colour to the lid with is not the same as the one you’re going to blend the harsh edges with. That way you achieve a perfectly defined eye and not just a hot mess!

Bobbi Brown eye definer brush. This brush is a little on the pricy side and like the Bobbi Brown brush from the previous post here it was gifted to me. However any stiff angled liner brush would do the trick that this one does, (Eco Tools do a really great one). I use this brush mainly to line my eyes with gel eyeliner. However I have also used it with liquid, powder and pencil eyeliner, all to great results. Now when it comes to eyeliner (especially liquid) I am a complete novice! I can never get the flick right for the life of me, *Grrrr. My husband can apply better eyeliner on me than me on myself. Now that I mention it, I don’t know if I should be worried or not *lol but using this brush really has help with shaky beginner hands, it give a really precise and neat look effortlessly. 

So there you have it, my second installment of brush favourites. I hope you liked it. Let me know in the comments if you did and if there are any brushes you’d use for your eyes that you recommend. I’m open for suggestions. 

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