Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Benifits Boxed Blush - Review

Every time I buy a Benefit product I'm usually left disappointed (Bad-gal mascara or pore-fessional primer anyone). It's never the first place I go to for my make-up needs. However I recently had the fortune of buying all three blushes pictured above brand new for a grand total of £7 altogether. Yep, you heard me correctly. So, you tell me, how could I possibly pass up such a fantastic opportunity? At the very least I'd review them on my blog and if I didn't like them I could pass them onto a friend or family member, well that was how I justified it to myself anyway. 

I'll start off with packaging. This is either going to be hit or a miss with people. Loads of people love it and get sucked into buying the Benefit blushes because of it but if I'm being honest I'm not a major fan. The boxes are made of cardboard which gives it that extremely cheep appearance, It's super bulky and takes up a-lot of space and it most certainly is not travel friendly, it's practically a disaster waiting to happen. Sure it's cutesy and pretty to look at, but I'll take functionality over cute any day. That aside the product on the inside varies quite a bit from blush to blush.

So without further ado I shall review each blush in depth, that way you could get a good sense of the product and you could make an informed decision if it would suit you. 


This is a coral/pink colour thats perfect for the warmer months. It’s universal in that it would complement many skin-tones easily. It can definitely be sheered out to just a flush of coral or you could build it up for a full or coral look. It has a semi matt finish which for me is a massive bonus as I can then choose where to put my highlight. 


This is by far my favourite shade out of the lot. On the packaging it’s described as a brightening face powder, so I guess technically its a ‘highlighter’ but depending on your skin-tone it can be used multiple ways. 

Personally it’s the only blush I gravitate towards when I’m going for a natural look. It’s a very very soft pink blush that complements my fair skin-tone perfectly. I have extremely pale skin, to put it in perspective, I can get away with wearing YSL’s Teint Touche Eclat Foundation in B10 thats how pale I am! So usually when I apply blush of any kind, its like BAMM! block of colour, but with Dandelion I get the perfect flush of pink from pan to face without having to dust most of it on the back of my hand first. 

Also for anybody with dry to normal skin out there, this blush can also double up as a face powder/highlighter if dusted over the face lightly, it give the loveliest sheen to the skin. 


This is my least favourite blush. Actually let me rephrase that. ITS THE WORST BLUSH I’VE EVER TRIED! I would have been severely pissed off if I had bought this full price. The blush itself is comprised of four shades a light pink, rose-y pink, peachy and a plummy shade all with finally milled shimmer running through them. However when you swatch each of them individually you get the exact shade and when you do swirl the colours together you get this weird shimmery orange-y coral colour that frankly does not look attractive. 

That said overall I do like some of the Benefit blushes, and they’re definitely worth checking out if you’re near a counter. I’m glad I got a chance to buy these three on discount otherwise I don’t think I would have bought them full-price at the store, what with all my bad luck at finding products I like at Benefit. 

The Benefit Boxed blushes/powders are available nationwide and retail for £23.50 for 12.0g

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