Monday, March 11, 2013

Superdrug Body Butter: Mango & Papaya and Coco Butter

I recently rediscovered the Superdrug brand body butters in Coco Butter and Mango & Papaya and thought it a brilliant budget product to review for spring. 

The texture of these moisturisers is very thick and creamy. It takes a fair bit of time to rub them into the skin so a small amount goes a long way. But once rubbed in you can get dressed immediately, it doesn't leave that uncomfortable sticky residue behind. 

These moisturisers are the perfect lightweight texture for spring as they provide a respectable amount of moisture. However I doubt they're heavy duty enough to hold up as well during the harsh winter months. 

The scent is moderately subtle but still present. What I mean to say is; you can clearly smell it in the tub but once it's rubbed in the scent doesn't linger which is a plus in my books as it won't interfere with any perfume I may wish to layer. 

Altogether, I'm quite impressed with these body butters. My skin is velvety soft after using them, and for a while (when I was a skint student) they were my goto body butters. But truthfully I wouldn't reach for them as my first choice anymore. I'd still use them if I was in a bind. But a combination of the cheap as chips price and the no real substance ingredient list make me think its probably targeted at a much younger demographic. 

These body butters come in five scents and retail for 200ml for £3.69. Currently they're half price at £1.84 not bad ehh!!

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