Friday, March 22, 2013

Springtime Skincare Routine

Ladies and Gentlemen spring has sprung! I know it might not seem like it. The rain just won't let up, but according to the internet (and the internet never lies) Wednesday was the first day of the Vernal Equinox -- that's Springtime to you and me. 

So I thought to celebrate, I'd do a post on my favourite topic - Skincare. More specifically a springtime skincare routine.

Right, lets start from the largest surface area to the smallest (there must be some order otherwise all is chaos). 

So with the body, the best thing to begin with is a good exfoliation. This is essential for many reasons the obvious one being that we generally don't look after our bodies as well during the winter months, what with the central heating on full blast and the harsh weather outside it's no wonder. Also, it tends to go like this... What's hidden from view gets neglected. You know what I'm saying... The fact that were constantly wrapped up in layers doesn't help. 

I digress... Back to the exfoliation. For this I'm using the Soap & Glory Sugar Scrub (review here). This stuff works wonders and can get rid of any level of scaliness. I then follow this with the Garnier hydrating lotion. This stuff too is absolutely amazing. It's fortified with Phyto, Caffeine and Seaweed extract which invigorates and firms the skin for a solid two days (7 days according to the packaging). 

If you want to go down the 'organic' route. Which if I'm honest is something I've begun to look into in more detail recently. I recommend the Rituals White Lotus and Lang Lang body lotion. It seriously smells divine, if you put it on in the morning you can still smell it in the evening and its not to expensive either. 

Right, moving onto the face... Cleansers. For this I'm using another Soap & Glory product. (I swear I'm not sponsored) this time it's Peaches & Clean. This is an excellent cleanser for coming out of the winter months as it contains alpha hydroxy acids that help restore radiance to the skin (a review of this will be coming shortly). I then follow this up immediately with a moisturiser. For this I'm using the Origins Brighter by Nature SPF35. Next eyes... Again I will go with an Origins product. This time it's the Ginzing brightening eye cream.  (are you sensing a brightness/radiance theme here)? I'm not too keen on this eye cream but I got it in a set I ordered and I just haven't found an eye cream that's holy grail material. So in the mean time I'm trying to use it up. 

Finally, and to complete the skincare routine. I'm going to use my plumping and hydrating Balance Me Rose Otto intensive lip balm. 

All done. So do you have a springtime skincare routine? Let me know in the comments. 

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