Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Review: Percy & Reed Hair Products

I’d like to preface this post by saying I have extremely dry and damaged hair, I use a lot of heat styling tools and I use them quite often. In fact that reminds me, I really need a hair trim!

Okay on with the post...

Percy & Reed is a fairly new brand (est 2007). I first heard of them late 2011 and my initial thoughts when I found out they were a British brand was that of excitement. 

I got my hands on a few of their product last year when they were featured in an issue of Glamour magazine (I forgot which month) and I was also lucky enough to be sent an extra product from WIMH to test. (It will be listed below with an asterisk) However it took me nearly a year later to actually trial them and see if they did lived up to the hype they were generating in the magazines and the beauty world. 

Here's what I thought...

First up we have the Splendidly Silky MOISTURISING CONDITIONER. This product claimed to have 'hydrating and nourishing' properties.  Instead I found it applied greasily like the consistency of a very cheep conditioner leaving my hair feeling weighed down and unclean. Another thing I noticed when using the conditioner was the strong scent. It was extremely overpowering, which made me think suspiciously what kind of fowl chemical  smell were they trying to coverup to begin with. 

The second product was the Totally TLC HYDRATING MASK. This was the only product I semi liked and sort of made work for me. The main reason for this was the packaging. I'd never come across a hair masks in a tube before. I was more used to the tub versions which as we all know are not travel friendly. So for my last holiday I took this mask with me, and its practical 100ml size lasted me for the duration of the 3 weeks I was away. 

As for the actual product, it was fairly okay, I'd only ever used it mid-length down making sure it didn't get up to the roots of my hair, and for the most part it did deep condition my hair. This product also had a strong smell but it was less offensive than the conditioner. 

The third and probably my least favourite of the range was the Quite Frankly Flawless FINISHING POLISH. To begin with I didn't know how to use it. On the actual packaging it mentions using a pea sided amount to smooth unruly hair, so I assumed it would work as a thicker vision of an oil or hair serum. I WAS WRONG!!! I ended up making my hair greasy and limp and for someone who has bone dry hair it was quite a feat. I then tried using half a pea size amount with one pump of the Kerastase hair oil (to thin it out) and again I came up against the same problem. Needless to say I didn't use it again. 

The final product is the No-Fuss Flawless DRY CONDITIONER*.  
I was very intrigued to receive this product as I'd heard so much about dry shampoos in the past but never dry conditioners! So after reading up a bit online I found that essentially it functions exactly the same but with the added bonus of shine and softness. 

However this product was also disappointing. Despite its award winning status. (The Percy & Reed Dry Conditioner won The YOUR HAIR award for 2012 as well as the RED best of beauty 2012). I found it didn't mattify or perk up my day 3 hair like a normal dry shampoo would. Instead it just emphasized my greasy roots by adding a shinny film to them. Definitely a thumbs down for me.  

Unfortunately as a whole I didn't particularly like the range. I will admit that certain ideas were innovative, such as the hair mask in tube form rather than tub form. Also the dry conditioner as I mentioned before, I'd never heard of. But I don't think I will be buying this range with my own mullahs there are definitely better products for cheeper out there on the market. 

Sorry Percy & Reed but this is my honest to God opinion. 

So, tell me in the comments below if you've used this line did up like it? If so, what did you like about it.

Until tomorrow

*PR Sample

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