Monday, March 4, 2013

Review: MUA Lipgloss Tubs

Today I wanted to review the £1 MUA lipgloss tubes from Superdrug. These glosses were one of those that I picked up purely because of the price, (don’t judge, we’ve all done it). £1 you can hardly beat the price! I didn't even swatch them at the store I just dropped them into my shopping basket thinking, 'how bad could they be?' Even if they turned out to be rubbish I'd only spent a pound on them and I could easily pass them onto a younger cousin. 

However I was pleasantly surprised. The shades I picked up were shade 3 and 4. They've since change their packaging but the product inside are still the same.

Both the glosses lean more to the sheer end of the spectrum nevertheless they do provide somewhat of a nude tint. Shade 4 is a lovely peachy gold-ish colour, dare I say in some lights it had quite a rose gold tint to it. Shade 3 on the other hand is a more cooler, more muted gold colour. 

When I first applied these glosses, the first thing I noticed was the scent. They smell distinctly fruity, though I can't seem to pin point which fruit exactly. I don't particularly mind the scent, I mean it isn't offensive, but for somebody who doesn't like fruity scents or is more swayed by non-scented beauty products, I think this might not be the gloss for you, especially as is will be sitting directly under your nose. 

Both glosses have finely milled glitter particles running through them (but in a good way). The glitter is not over powering and manages to catches the light beautifully. The staying power is relatively decent too, roughly 3 hours I'd estimate this is due to the fact that it is a slightly sticky formula.  

Of the two glosses my favourite is Shade 4 its perfect for spring and summer. 

The MUA range is available from Superdrug nationwide, check them out here

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