Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Beauty Product Empties #1

In an attempt at spring cleaning, this is going to be my first empties post. Incase anyone is new to this concept I'll do a little explanation of what it's all about. 

In a nutshell it's a quick review of the beauty products that you've used up recently, and whether you'd buy them again or not. The good thing about 'empties' is you get the chance to review products that you wouldn't necessarily have done a full blog post on.

I feel like I've been accumulating the products pictured above for a good few months now and I can't tell you how good it feels to finally do this post and throw them out! Anyway on with the review. 

I'll start with shower related products. For this I've got my trusty Dove shower cream that I always come back to. This seemed to last a good few months. Very nicely scented, lathers up well and very budget friendly. A definite repurchase. Contrary to the second shower cream, Lux. This smelt really good, sort of florally. But it ran out in a blink of an eye (this might be due to the fact I used a ton per wash, but still I think I only got a good 8 washes out of). Anywho I like trying new things, so I don't think I'll repurchase this. 

Staying within the realms of the bath, we have my beloved Herbal Essences Rainforest flower hair conditioner and the Ojon damage reverse Shampoo. I've already done a full blog post of the Ojon damage reverse line here. I love the stuff. But even more so I love the Herbal Essences hair conditioner not least because its cheeper. I actually buy it off e-bay because I can't find it stocked anywhere else. I still try other hair conditioners but I always come back to this one. It makes my hair feel soft and silk smooth. For someone with dry damaged hair that is a major achievement. 

Next, we have body stuff. Vasaline Intensive care Aloe & Cucumber. It's imperative I have this at all time and I don't think I've ever been without a bottle since I was 14 years old. My skin really drinks it up. It was as though it was made for me. I also have my Dove deodorant, it's nothing special. It was the first drugstore one I picked up that didn't smell to feminine. I hate it when deodorant smells that way. 

Moving onto face stuff. I've finally finished the Origins A Perfect World cleanser. Ermahgerd! This stuff is amazing. It does a really good job of cleaning the skin, I use it with my Clarasonic and muslin cloth and it lathers up well, it smells yummy (like tea). It’s just perfect. This bottle actually lasted me a full year, I kid you not. I bought it last March and here we are in March again and it just run out. Granted I didn't use it all the time (maybe that's why it lasted so long) but there was a time when I first got it when I used it exclusively. I remember the sales assistant that sold it to me said it would last up to 6 months if used on a daily basis. 

Also for my face I have my CaudalĂ­e beauty elixir that I love. I know this is controversial, some people love it and some don't get the point of it, but for me it really works. I've had this since the summer and I’d sprits it on my face during the scorching summer days we have here in Paris, I also use it as a toner. I don't use it so much during the winter, I find I don't need it as much. But it will be on my list for summer things. 

The Clinique moisture surge face cream was a trial size I got with a magazine a few months back. Initially I didn't like it. It felt too silicone-y but I persevered because (come on) it was Clinique and it would be a shame to throw away. So towards the end I began to like it. I'm not sure if I'd buy it myself, but if it popped up in a magazine again I might get it. It's a decent travel size. 

Last thing for my face is my beloved Bio formule lip balm.  I love this stuff. In fact my first ever post was on it. I buy it in bulk from the pharmacy on Rue du Four. I will continue to buy it. There's not much else to say about it. If you want to read about it in more detail check out that post here

For hands I have two things. A Bronze off exfoliator I got as a PR sample I used to exfoliate my hands and a travel sized L'occitane hand cream. Both really nice both smell lovely. 

Finally we have 'beauty tool'. I'm not sure they are tools as such, but the actual word escapes me. Anyway here we have the supermarkets own brand, cotton makeup removal pads, ear bud (or q-tips if you're American) and face wipes. Can you tell I got for the cheapest one I can find. *Cheeky grin* Now there's nothing special to say about them except they did the job and I will continue to but the cheapest ones I can find. I don't see the point of buying anything more expensive. They all do the same thing. However the advice I will leave you with is never use makeup wipes on your face. That's just asking for breakouts. I know I have a packet of wipes in this empties but I use them only to clean the surface I'm working on ONLY, never on my face! 

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