Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Benifits High Beam - Review

Today I thought I'd do a review of my favourite liquid highlighter. After so many years of trying to find the perfect one, the search is finally over. 

Described on the main website as a luminescent complexion enhancer this is silky highlighter that gives the skin a gorgeous radiant glow. 

Its packaged like no other highlighter on the market, this quirky factor really sets it apart from the competition. It comes in essentially what looks like a nail polish bottle, with a brush tip applicator, making it easy to use. 

It has pinky undertones which suits pale complexions perfectly and gives a very candlelit glow to the skin. (I'm not sure it would suit darker skin tones). 

I usually apply this baby to the tops of my cheek bones, my temple area, on my brow bone, down the bridge of my nose and on my cupid's bow (as you can see I go to town with it). Also if I feel like my foundation is lacking in luminosity I mix in a few drop an it instantly perks it up. 

The fact that this highlighter is liquid means its so effortless to blend, really lifts the face and looks seamlessly with the rest of the makeup.  

Benifits High Beam retail for £18.50 for 13 ml/0.45 US fl oz

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