Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Lipstick favourites from different categories

I’d like to preface by sheepishly fessing up that this blogpost is not really an original idea I came up with. In fact I actually got the idea from watching a DailyMix video last week with Lily Pebbles and Anna from ViviannaDoesMakeup each listing their favourites from each category. The video looked like fun and I thought it was a really good idea to bring it over to the blogging world.  

You can watch their video here if you’d like, but to summarize quickly, there are five lipstick categories; Sheer, Crayon, All rounder/Traditional, Bright and Lip Lacquer and from each category you list your favourite shade/brand and give a short reason why? Simples!

So after a quick root around in my make-up collection, here are my choices from each of the category. 

Sheer: Revlon Lip Butter in Watermelon
In my opinion Revlon have the best drugstore lip products on the market, I just can't fault them. I love they’re formula and shade selections. The Revlon lip butter in Watermelon was actually a new spring/summer release that came out early this year. It’s so incredibly moisturizing and imparts just a faint red colour on the lips that is so easy to wear. Oh and it smells so delicious like marshmallows, I want to eat it!

Crayon: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in 010 Darling
Again Revlon just do it for me, I remember when crayons first came onto the scene with the Clinique Chubby Sticks and since then every brand under the sun seems to have brought out a version. I think crayons are still having their moment to this day, don't get me wrong I’m enjoying it. But I just keep coming back to the Revlon’s JBKBS, they last and absolute age on the lips, have amazing colour payoff and are extremely lightweight. 

All Rounder/Traditional: MaxFactor 827 Bewitching Coral
This is my only lipstick from Maxfactor and let me just say I chose wisely. I love this colour so much its a beautiful coral that leans towards pink, perfect for the  spring summer season. The formula is also great as it's incredibly moisturising. 

Bright: Sleek Lipsticks in 145
Fun fact: Apparently, but don’t hold me to it if I’m wrong Sleek originally made cosmetics with women of colour in mind, thats why their products are so highly pigmented. 

Regardless nobody does colour in the drugstore like Sleek. It’s a shame their lipsticks don’t have names, but this shade 145 is crazy bright and fabulous for a night out. I love wearing it when I want to embrace my inner Katie Perry. 

Lip Lacquer: Rimmel Apocalips in 501 Stellar 
To be fair the Rimmel Apocalips are the only lip lacquers on the market that I’ve tried so I can’t compare them to anything else. That said they’re pretty damn good and for anything to top them it’s gonna have to be exceptional. I particularly like the shade Stellar as it's one of the very few warm toned shades that actually suit my colouring. 

So this has been my interpretation of the Lipstick favourites from different categories video, I hope that this becomes a tag because it’s really fun and interesting to see what people come up with. So please if you have a blog yourself and fancy doing it leave me a link below I will definitely check it out. If you don’t have a blog (no matter) leave it as a comment response and I’ll still see it. 


  1. I have Bewitching Coral too, it's kinda forgotten for a while but recently I started to love it again, it's so fun to wear bold color :)

    1. It has pretty packaging too, Thanks for checking out my blog. :D


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