Friday, March 29, 2013

Strong Berry Lip #FOTD

Can you tell I'm going for a strong lip in this look. Why not! I'm in that kind of a mood. It's Friday and its the start of a very long 4 day Bank Holiday weekend and I'm excited.

So for this look its all about the lips. Now It's no secret that I'm a lips kinda gal. I love lipsticks, lip-stains and occasionally lipglosses too. I gravitate towards them immediately when I'm at the drugstore and I often build my makeup look around them, and that's exactly what I'm doing here too. The mascara and the blush are just here to tie the look together. 
You've noticed I didn't bother with any foundation today. I just moisturised really well and moved straight into the make-up. The reason for this is because I don't really need to wear foundation that often plus my lazy nature means if I can skip it I probably will.

So after moisturising I move straight to eyes. I smudge my No7 Matalic eyes pencil in 06 Blackest through the roots of my lashes and blend upwards with an ear-bud/q-tip to achieve an effortless smoky look. Next I curl my lashes using my Shu Uemura eyelash curlers (best thing for this job) then I apply Clinique High Impact mascara in 01 Black. The reason I apply eyeliner before mascara rather than the other way around is so as not to disturb the curl I then put into the lashes. 

For the cheeks I'm keeping it simple. In using the Bourjois blush pot rouge in 74 rose ambre. I'm not a really big fan of this blush range because they're baked which means they are generally hard to get a colour pay off, but in this case the shade really complemented this look plus I had the extra time to build a reasonable flush of colour to my cheeks. 

Right on to the main event, and what this look is really about. The lips

I begin by prepping my lips with the NYC Lipstain in 493 Champagne Stain this gives a good base and will be the colour that remains on the lips at the end of the day. Next I use my Revlon Kisssble balm Stain in 030 Smitten. This is a welcome second base as it’s also moisturising so it counteracts the drying nature of what the stain might be. Finally I topped off this look with Some Maybelline Super Stay 10hr tint gloss in 160 Forever Fuchsia. This gives the glossy effects and really seals and locks in the colours we piled on. 

No one can accuse us of being subtle today. I really love the outcome of this look. The lips will probably last a good 8 hours. I know it's more of an autumn look but hey, who says we have to be so ridged with our makeup? Personally berry tones really complement my complexion and I wear them all year round. 

So, are there any particular looks you'll be supporting this Bank Holiday weekend? Let me know in the comments below. 

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