Thursday, March 7, 2013

Review: Natural Collection Lipstick in Raspberry

Natural Collection is a budget friendly brand that is exclusive to Boots.

Often when a brand is associated with the word 'budget' it's usually code for cheep and quite frankly poor quality. The Natural Collection however though it doesn't get everything right, it does manage to avoid this tarnish by having a few staples in its range that really distinguish it. This has lead the Natural Collection line to be hailed by many in the blogosphere as the drugstore underdog. 

Of the outstanding products in this range, the lipsticks are definitely one of them. Today I will be reviewing the lipstick shade 'Raspberry'. 

This lipstick is a very mid tone pink, the name IS slightly misleading as it does not lean towards any berry shading but rather a very wearable everyday shade that could compliment any look. 

I found this lipstick extremely comfortable to wear as it has a moisturising high shine finish. The wear-time on this lipstick is not so bad either. If you bare in mind that its an emollient base (some level of slip will be present) it's quite good. 

The only negative gripe I have about this lipstick is the packaging. I'm not really a fan of the flimsy white packaging it comes in but I guess for the price (£1.99 each) you can't really complain. 

I wouldn't recommend these lipsticks to anyone, but I would to a young person starting out with makeup and has a limited budget or somebody that just wants to try a new lipstick shade but is not willing to fork out for the average drugstore pricing (which CAN be quite pricy sometimes).

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