Saturday, February 23, 2013

League of Lip-balm

When it comes to lip-balms I think I’m safe in saying I’ve tried most of them on the market. They we’re the first beauty item I was allowed as a child and I haven’t stopped using them since!

It just so happens I recently had a massive clear out of my half used lip-balms. Convenient I know, as I can’t show you but I’m afraid you’ll just have to take my word for it. In the past, I’ve had a mixture of EOS, Caudalie, Mixa, Carmex, Nivia, Body Shop, Burts Bees and Blistex to name a few, all this and its not including stores own brands. 

I remember the first I ever got when I was a wee lass, it was the very cheap (bought at my local chemist) Chapstick in original, I considered myself very lucky if my mum let me buy the coveted Cherry flavour (I wasn’t allowed it usually because it packed a little colour and that was considered to grown-up). Looking back now, I believe it is a right of passage that everyone goes through the Chapstick route. 

Now, when it comes to buying a new lip-balm there are a few factors I look for in a lip-balm before I commit, and about a few months ago I found a lip-balm that managed to tick all the boxes. It’s a French brand called Bio Formule (which just means its organic) in Karité (Shea Butter to you and me). You can find it online here, however its readily available and much cheaper at the infamous City Pharma on Rue de Four (Paris).

Below is a list of what I look for in a lip-balm: (I hope it helps) 


I have extremely dry lips, actually scratch that, my skin all over is extremely dry. It's like the Sahara desert up in here and that's no exaggeration. That's why one of thee first and most  important factor I look for in a lip balm is how long it will last coz I don't want to be applying it every few minutes. (Ain't nobody got time for that!)

It's slip factor 

This too is important and probably the second thing I look for in a lip balm. I need to have a semi matt lip-balm as I don't want my lip-balms to be too slippery I can't be having all that slip especially if I'm going to be applying another lip product on top of it. My lip balms need to act as solid bases similar to base coats in nail polish. I'm a massive fan of lip stains because how long they last and lets be real there is no point in using them if I'm applying them on top of a slippery base that's only going to make them last a few minutes (you know why I m sayin') 

Flavour & Scent

Now, flavour and scent is a tricky one. I don’t mind it to be scentless or flavourless but if there is an option that it has both then I’d go with that thank you very much. That said, my current favorite (mentioned above) its without both. I’m quite partial to apple flavored things and quite recently I’ve grown to really hate honey flavoured/scented beauty products thats why I never really jumped on the Nuxe reve de miel bandwagon.


This is probably the most superficial factors of them all. I'm not particularly fussed with most packages. The only thing that bothers me really is lip-balms that come in pots, this is for the obvious reason I don't enjoy the double dipping aspect of lip-balms nor do I like the idea of grubby fingers filled with bacteria and germs in my nice clean pot.

So, do you have a favourite lip-balm you stick by or do you change it around. Tell me what your favourites are in the comments below. 

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