Monday, September 23, 2013

Natural Collection - Peach Melba

This one here is the highly talked about cheaper end yet quality blush from the drugstore - Peach Melba from Natural Collection. Coming in at a mere £1.99 it is the definition of a budget buy. 

Although, its safe to say the packaging it comes housed in is fairly cheep and tacky, it completely makes up for that fact in the formula, texture and pigmentation of the actual blush. 

The blush comes with a screw off clear lid, and as you can see from the image below my actual pan came unstuck from the outer packaging all by itself, so I don’t think the glue used is of high quality. That said I don’t particularly mind as I was meaning to depot it and move it to my unii palette anyway.

The formula although matt is velvety creamy, and applies smoothly with decent payoff. I’d describe the shade as a fairly neutral mid tone coral with an unusual undertone of burnt pink (thats the only way I can sort of explain it). This blush will complement fair skin tones extremely well and would work well as a transitional blush from late summer into the autumn. 

Perfect handbag/travel size. Natural Collection is available in Boots for £1.99 here.

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  1. I love this blush! Have yet to try out other shades but I agree on the creaminess of it especially coming with the inexpensive price tag x
    Top 10 Under £10/$10/€10


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